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R  E  S  O  U  R  C  E  S     P  A  G  E

In this page I will share information on projects I have done, data collected or any other useful info
related to astrophotgraphy which -I hope- can be useful to other astrophotographers.


[ iPHONE and Astronomy ]

iI have recently bought the new Apple iPhone 3G. It is an incredibly sophisticated piece of technology which has many useful applications. I will cover here all those applications and technologies found in the iPhone which can be usefull for Astrophotography and Astronomy in general.


[ Building a Run-off Shed Observatory ]

After being tired of having to move and setup my equipment in the garden every time I wanted to image, I decided to build a permanent small Observatory: a run-off shed. Here you can see how I built it (including foundations and an iron pier).



I have prepared a chart comparing the main features of several well known CCD cameras. i have included a diagram comparing the different CCD sizes.


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