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I was born in Rome where I lived until I was 20. In 1980 I moved to Madrid where I currently live
with my wife Ana and my son Alex.

I obtained a degree in Economics and Management at ICADE (Madrid) and initiated my professional career
in a multinational advertising agency and later worked in the fashion industry until 1996.

One of the passions I have had since I was a teenager has been photography, which I practiced on and off
until 1999, at which time I decided to change course in my professional career and founded mstudio, a multidisciplinary photographic studio. Here I have undertaken diverse commissions photographing aircraft,
works of art, architecture and interiors, as well as product photography at my studio in Boadilla del Monte (Madrid).

I have collaborated with prestigious architecture and interior design magazines, and have published two
books with photographs of Madrid (Una Habitación con Vistas, 2005, and CANAL, 2006).

Astronomy is another childhood passion that unfortunately I haven’t pursued until very recently. It was not until the Summer of 2007 when, by chance, I read an article on astrophotography -in one of the Photography magazines to which I am subscribed- and was amazed to see the high quality photographs which can be achieved with a DSLR –even in your backyard.

Thanks to the help and patience of my neighbour and friend Antonio Fernández (considered one of the best astrophotographers in Spain) I was able to setup an imaging system and learn the basics in a fraction of the time it would have taken me on my own. I remember Antonio telling me at the beginning that this hobby is highly addictive. And he was right!

I would like to thank all the people who have generously shared (either personally or through the Internet) their knowledge and experience in this very technical –and sometimes frustrating- hobby. Without their precious help I would still be light years away from where I am now…

Since Photography is the common denominator to most of my interests and I love experimenting with new techniques, I have recently started aerial photography (AP) and aerial video (AV) using Kites (Kite Aerial Photography, known as KAP),or helium ballons (BAP) and AP done with radio-controlled (RC) Planes. In all these variations of AP I use a video downlink to be able to see what the camera is seeing -tens or hundreds of meters above.

Imaging -using a variety of techniques- is for me one of life's profound pleasures.

Miguel Merino

Las Rozas (Madrid) , December 2010

©2011 Miguel Merino