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This is my current setup:

  • Plane:Multiplex MENTOR
  • Motor:Turnigy C3548 1100 Kv
  • Propeller :12x6
  • ESC:70 A
  • Battery: 4.000 mA lipo
  • RC Transmitter :Futaba T7C (2.4 GHz)
  • Onboard Camera: GoPro HD

As a professional photographer and videographer, my initial involvement in RC planes has been to to experiment with aerial video and photography. This is why I have been researching a stable platform with low flight speed. My fisrt choice wasa an RC Helicoptes, but it turned out to have a very steep learning curve (at least for me!) and after a few attempts (and crashes) with a TREX 450 clone, I gave up and switched to RC planes. Good decision! Currently I have only experimented with foamies due to their nearly crash proof nature and the fact that they are equipped with electric motors.

I have enjoyed very much flying these little planes and are currently researching other platforms, mainly in the multicopter family, due to their capacity to hover and vertical takeoff and landing.

In the meantime I have also experimented with KAP (Kite Aerila Photography) wihich has been a very relaxing and rewarding experinece with I highly reccommend. As a natural continuation form KAP I have also tried BAP (Balloon Aerial Photography) which is practically the only way to do low altitude aerial photography/video in urban areas.

In conclusion, each platform has it's specific application depending on location (urban or rural), wind conditions (KAP needs wind, planes and ballons don't), distance from subject, payload, etc.



This is theMultiplex MENTOR flying with the GoPro HD placed below, between the landing gear.



Two more views of the MENTOR with the GoPro HD.


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