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This is my current setup:

  • Kites: Light Levitation Delta and Nighthawk Delta
  • Rig: BBKK rig from Brooks (bought at KapShop)
  • Camera: Sigma DP1 (28 mm equivalent FL, f 4)
  • Line: 120 Kg black Dacron
  • Video Link: 40 mW 2.4 GHz Transmitter
  • Ground receiver : 2.4 GHz Rx
  • Viewing aid : FatShark goggles (640x480, 46º FOV)
  • Camera & Rig control: 400 MHz 6 Ch. Futaba receiver

I am quite new to KAP (started in Spring 2010) so this is my first setup. The Levitation Delta Kite is an excellent flyer in low wind conditions (5-15 Km/h) which is usual in my area.

I have only used RC (radio control) to control the rig and the camera since I like to be able to frame as precisely as posssible the shots I take. The goggles are excellent because the image is perfectly visible under strong lihgting and you can carry it on your head when you are not using it, leaving your hands free.

I shoot always in RAW in speed priority mode, at 1/800 sec. at ISO 100. Since the camera lens is not too fast (f 4) I end up having very underexposed photographs when I KAP at sunset (which I usually do). This is why I am thinking of replacing the Sigma DP1 for another APS-C or Micro Four Thirds format compact camera with faster lens and good performance at higher ISO (the DP1 is quite bad in higher ISO settings although at ISO 100 the quality is very good, for this size camera).

I process my images in Adobe Camera Raw.



This is the BBKK rig (from Brooks). It includes a modified servo for 360º panoramic movement (above center), a 6 ch 400 MHz receiver (top left), a 500 mA 11.2 V Lipo battery (top right), a tilt servo (bottom left), a shutter servo, and the Sigma DP1. Behind the camera is the 40 mW 2.4 GHz tramsmitter with a 3dB onmidirectional antenna



This is the Levitation Delta with the rig hanging below



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